Baby photoshoot

Babies. The cutest creatures on earth. Love them totally – and in closeup as well. I did a couple of young family and pregnancy shoots and I really feel privileged to witness so much tenderness and love. What happens when we grow up? Do we still live with expectancy and do we realize how good and pure our existence can be? Photography freezes precious moments. Life moves on and so do we. In the meantime, let’s focus on what really matters.

Scheveningen Pier (and a personal update…)

It’s been a while… I still have this photography website but didn’t pay a lot of attention to it for a longer time. However, I still need to pay for the hosting and it’s a waste not to do something good and creative with this space.

Photography is still my favourite pastime, but I recently rediscovered my love for drawing. I’m sure I will pick up my guitar too soon… I love music because it relaxes my mind and eases my soul.

These four guys with their green surfing boards really stand out in this picture. I took this photograph during a quick visit to Scheveningen beach some weeks ago. This image speaks to me. ‘You don’t have to carry it on your own’. And, ‘Everything continues, even if you are not personally involved’… It also tells me to calm down, take some breaks and ‘ride the waves of life’.